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Women's Retreat Planning Committee

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Thanks again for agreeing to be on the retreat planning committee! I announced the time wrong on Sunday, so just to confirm, we'll be meeting on Sunday, September 17th at 9:00am in the SEWING ROOM. We should finish by 10:00am so that everyone has time to socialize, grab coffee, etc., before church. The topics we'll be discussing include:

  • Location (already selected but I'll show everyone the facility in case it lends itself to ideas)

  • Theme

  • Devotional times: Volunteers?

  • Activities: Stations? Crafts? Outings? (Westside Market? Lake Erie?), Ice breakers? Games? Movie?

  • Food

  • Gift bags

  • Schedule (thinking planning committee only on Friday, everyone joins Saturday morning, and then whoever doesn't want to spend the night goes home Saturday night; everyone else goes home Sunday). Definitely open to discussion....

  • Overall budget (lodging is at $117/person right now based on 40 people attending). Additional costs to consider: food, devotional materials, craft materials, gifts, etc.

Looking forward to getting together to plan another amazing weekend!


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    Let's get together and plan out an AMAZING 2024 Women's Retr...

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