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Hi Ladies! Just a reminder that tomorrow is the kids' sewing day where we'll be working with them to make adorable pillowcases!!! :) Please be there a little before 9am...the kids are set to come starting at 9.

Special shout out and thank you to Crystal Banks for donating TONS of kid prints! What a gift!!!

There are 13 kids signed up. Not sure if any others will show up but it should be a fairly easy session! Did I say that out loud? :)

I currently have the Sewing Room set up with 7 stations and have assigned the following people to sewing stations: Deb, Deborah, Crystal, Sandy K, Eileen, Shirley, and Joann.

I have Linda assigned to the Awana room to help the kids pick out their fabrics and guide them through the design process (fabric, cuff, accent).

Also in the Awana room, I have Kandy assigned to cut the 8 inch cuffs, Brandi assigned to the 1.75 inch accent strips, and I'll be cutting the big pieces.

If you don't see your name on this list but are planning on coming, let me know because I could use some people to help with ironing and general help.

Please be flexible! I may move Shirley off of sewing if more troubleshooting is needed, I might move Linda into sewing if additional kids show up, etc.

And if you can't be there at 9am (especially design and cutters), please let me know ASAP so that I can make adjustments.

Last thing.... let the kids do as much as makes sense for their age.... including design, cutting, ironing, and sewing...... we're there to help teach.... not to do it for them. :)

Praying God's blessing over us tomorrow..... that we may have patience and love for these kids as they learn or continue to refine their sewing skills and that we reflect Christ to them throughout the process.

I'll stop and get donuts in the morning. :)

Call or text with questions! 440.336.3579.

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