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Hi sewing group! I wanted to update you all that as of now, I'm not planning on doing the craft fair in the fall. After talking to several people experienced in this, I feel like we're not giving ourselves enough time to pull off a good event. I'd like us to shoot for the same time next year and use this time from now to the end of the year to get our ducks in a row. That way we can send information packets out after the beginning of the year to prospective crafters. Other than a few conversations with some of you, I have not heard from anyone else from the church who wants a table or wants to be involved in another way. So if we're mostly relying on outside vendors to come and sell their wares, we have to have our act together. Plus, we currently have about $400 in donations that we can tap into... but given the huge amount of fabric that Chrystal just donated, we should be good for awhile!!! :) thoughts?

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