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"Sunrise" lyrics


I see Your light

It breaks thru the night 

Dawn breaking here for the taking

No horizon can challenge or put up a fight 


What do I do 

Where do I turn

What do I say

What am I to learn


Pleasures abound fleeting and true, half-hearted joy enough to blur the view


I long for the closeness of Your love I yearn, half-hearted devotion to appease the burn


I know that You're here, I've tasted and seen, yet here in this world a prodigals dream


The war wages on, desire and need, shadow and light, here in-between


Between sky and the earth, the dust on my feet dulls the contrast of shadows I seek

And here in between

I know how it's supposed to be

More of You and less of me

Yet I hold this unbelief

See tears and the rain they still fall the same

Oh how I long to see You face to face

But until that day....

Meet me at the sunrise

From afar our hearts will collide

Till the day that I see Reflections of me, in Your eyes

Meet me where the sun sets low

Where the distance will melt In the glow

Where even from afar, I'll be where You are

Meet me at the sunrise

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