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Clothing Ministry (2COATS)

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Upcoming dates are Oct 21st and Dec 9 th from 9am -11 - we try to have our ministry open the same day as the food ministry is open down the street.

  • Jeannie Hoffman

    When is the next drive? I ordered some things online and got two of everything! They told me to keep the duplicates for my trouble. I don't need matching shirts.

    This did remind me of my recently departed mother. Every now and again we got matching shirts. I had to laugh when I discovered that I had two off everything!

  • JE

    Next ministry day will be Saturday August 19th from 9-11.

  • The next clothing event will be held on Saturday June 24th from 9-11

  • T

    We will Be planning to have a ministry day on Saturday April 1st from 9-12 -if you have any new items (with tags) you would like to donate please see Lonnie or Eileen

  • About

    Luke 3:11 - Whoever has two coats is to share with him who h...

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