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Update from Ilona:

Thank you all for praying. I have news and a prayer request...

Mark's ribs are doing the opposite of the norm. His right side is caving in so that the ribs (2-8) are putting more pressure on the lung which is impairing his lung from expanding. What little room he does have in that lung is filled with blood.

He will have surgery tomorrow to clean out the blood, plug whatever wound is bleeding/seeping, and put the ribs back in place. By stopping the bleeding, this will allow him to go back on the Coumadin which is essential for his valve.

PRAISE GOD his heart is good. The valve stem is firmly in place and didn't suffer any trauma in the fall.

He's not looking forward to surgery because there is a possibility that he will wake up intubated. That is his only fear. Would you pray for God's peace and ask God that his breathing will be strong enough that he comes out of surgery without the breathing tube and off the vent?

Thank you for your prayers and concern. We know God put us in the best place possible. The doctors and nurses are amazing.

- Ilona

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