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we received the email below at work this morning from joni:

Hi all. I’ve been at Firelands Regional Med Center since 8:30PM yesterday. Owen had a golf tournament at Catawba yesterday and Steve took him to it. Steve passed out but not before telling Owen they needed to leave and that he needed help. The fire department called me on the way to taking Steve to the ER. It looks like it was a heart attack but not confirmed yet. Steve is doing ok but is here for the time being as they run tests, etc.  His enzyme test keeps going up indicating tissue damage to his heart- so we know something caused something. Hoping the tests reveal blockage or something that is a quick fix. 


I slept here last night because it was so late and I was so tired. And it’s so far away!  


Steve is ok! Owen is good. I want a shower. Lol. All is well though. God is good. But I don’t anticipate making it in today......

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