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Dear AFBC Family,

The first time Bob and I visited Abiding Faith, we knew we were home. We sensed a commitment to God and His Word in the people, music and sermon.

How to ever thank you for all you have done for us during Bob's hospitalization, service, and continuing today has been on my mind and heart.

Thank you for your prayers while Bob was in the hospital and one person volunteering to keep you updated.

When the church volunteered to arrange the hospitality for relatives & guests, and planning the service, it felt as if a huge boulder had been lifted. You gave the kids and me the gift of time together to grieve, reminisce, pray, cry, give group hugs, look at pictures, and express gratitude for Bob being a loving husband, Dad and Papa.

You did it all, including planning, food, cookies, decorations, flowers, room arrangement, making programs, setting up rooms, volunteering, attending, creating slide show, arranging music, making guests feel welcome, understanding and more. Plus, you sent cards with meaningful notes, texts, hugs, volunteered in many ways to help us, etc.

We especially appreciate your prayers. We know God is helping us through them.

God has put a special love in my heart for each one of you. Lynn

Bob & Lynn Goll Family

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